Patient Information


For Your First Visit

Please arrive about 30 minutes early. APEX uses a system which allows you to complete your health history and demographics ONE TIME and subsequently only review and update as needed. The link below is for our New Patient Paperwork. Please download, and complete the filled-out forms before your first visit. Be sure to also bring a Photo ID and your Insurance Card

Download and complete our New Patient Paperwork (PDF)


Medical Release Forms

Please download the appropriate PDF file.

Consent form to release medical records TO APEX
Consent form to release medical records FROM Apex


Physical Exam Policies

Important Information Regarding Your Insurance Coverage and APEX Family Medicine’s Approach to Maintaining Wellness and Annual Physicals

APEX has always completed annual physical exams in two parts. Because of its complex nature, the physical exam is basically broken down into two main components; history, screenings, testing / exam, results and consultation.

The first visit is an OFFICE VISIT. We request that you fast the day of this visit in order to appropriately screen for diabetes and heart disease. We also check your kidneys, electrolytes, liver function; look for infection or immune deficiency, any signs of nutritional deficiency or anemia and thyroid and HIV testing as needed. It is at this time that we would order additional tests based on your concerns, observations, new health issues or family developments since your last physical. This visit also gives us an opportunity to order other screening tests such as mammograms, prostate cancer screening, or colonoscopies. Lastly, we make sure you are protected as recommended for vaccine-preventable diseases such as tetanus and hepatitis.

The second visit is the PHYSICAL. This visit allows us to review your results with you and gives you an opportunity to ask your provider any questions or voice any concerns. In our opinion, this is more effective than receiving an impersonal “test result” phone call. Separating this visit also allows us to complete a more detailed and thorough physical exam and spot potential issues such as skin cancer and treat them early.

Within our health care system, we are contractually obligated to adhere to very specific rules set forth by your insurance carrier and/or plan. These rules include such items as collecting copays/ coinsurances/deductibles, specific medications, visits for referrals, and so forth. Though we try to keep on top of these hundreds of ever-changing health plans, our training is in medicine. The providers at APEX are all Board Certified. We are your partners in promoting and maintaining your good health. And while we try to be mindful of various health plans and differing plan coverage allowances, ultimately, our duty is to provide you the best medicine and guidance both ethically and morally. We choose not to compromise our standard of care for the bottom line. It is the responsibility of you, the patient, to be aware of your own medical benefits. By doing so, this will limit any “bad surprises” by your insurance company and you can anticipate and prepare for all financial liabilities.


Appointment Policies

Because of time constraints, please be respectful of your allotted appointment. In order to give each of your medical concerns the attention it requires for quality care, please respect that each medical appointment can accommodate only 1-2 medical issues.

If for any reason you are not able to make your scheduled appointment, we require 24 hours notification. This will allow us to fill your appointment slot with someone who may need care urgently. Otherwise you are considered a “no-show” and will be billed $50 for this missed visit. We make every effort to provide courtesy email and test reminders both 2 days prior to your appointment and 2 hours to allow time to cancel without penalty and arrive timely for your appointment.

We realize things do come up and will take this into account individually, but wasted appointment slots hurt other patients as well as the practice. Please understand the need for this policy.


Medical Records

The medical record is the property of APEX Family Medicine and we are required to keep the originals for 7 years after our last visit with you. We will provide copies as needed at a charge of $18.53 for the first 10 pages and $.85/page from pp 11-40, and $.57/pg after that. We require allowance of up to 30 business days on medical records requests. Either through this website or through the APRIMA Patient portal you can download the necessary forms, complete and fax to 303-321-6683 to begin the process to release medical information.



If you are required by your health insurance carrier to obtain a referral to be evaluated by a specialist, then APEX Family Medicine and you the patient are both bound by the insurance company contracts to have your Primary Care Provider first evaluate this issue PRIOR to issuing a referral. Providing quality care will sometimes require involving a specialist, trust that your PCP has your health in mind but MUST comply with your insurance policy’s regulations.