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Due to the rising costs of health care and the shrinking proportion of medication costs insurance companies approve and cover, APEX now offers many acute care medicines that can be dispensed to you at your visit enabling you to skip the trip to the pharmacy and waiting in line and just go home to rest when you don’t feel well. Ask your provider at your next visit.

Prescription Refills Policy

We request that all medication requests are processed directly through your pharmacy. This allows us to maintain a high degree of efficiency and ensure a reduction in errors. If you have medication questions, refills requests, or you need “prior authorization,” please request this information from your pharmacist first and they will expedite your request to us. If you have no remaining refills on your prescription, please contact your pharmacy directly. They will request authorization and fill the prescription if approved. They/we need approximately 2 to 3 days in order to process these requests. Contacting us initially may only delay the process. We are unable to write or refill a prescription unless we have seen you recently for the condition treated by that medication.

How to Dispose of Medication Properly

The US FDA has issued a consumer update with their recommendations for the proper disposal of medications.

Insurance Carriers

Insurance Coverage and Patient Responsibilities

If we are participating providers with your insurance plan, we will bill them for the care you receive. You are responsible for co-payments at the time of your appointment as per your agreement with your insurance carrier. You must also present a valid insurance card at each visit. If you do not have your card, we will see you on a fee-for-service basis with payment expected at the time of the visit (a minimum charge of $75, but varies depending on complexity of your concerns). You are responsible for knowing which services are covered under your plan. If we provide a service that we feel is medically prudent and this is a non-covered benefit, you are responsible for payment (many plans do not cover routine physicals for example). It is our ethical responsibility to do what is correct medically, whether it is financially covered by your individual insurance plan or not.


After Hours and Urgent Care Centers

Access to Care

We will care for patients regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We are able to see most patients on the same day or within 24 hours of requesting an acute health issue, however, we are not an urgent care or walk-in clinic.

Some urgent or emergency conditions may need to be referred to an Urgent Care facility or the Emergency Department. After hours medical emergencies are handled by phone by one of our on-call providers. You may access them after hours by calling our office number. You will not be diagnosed and treated over the phone but a provider will assist in determining if your concerns are able to wait until the next day to be evaluated in our office or if you are best evaluated immediately in the emergency department. This service is for medical emergencies only (not for prescription refills or non-emergent medical conditions). If your concern could have been handled appropriately during regular business hours you may be billed accordingly.

Urgent Care Centers


Emergency Departments


Laboratory Patient Service Centers