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Apex Family Medicine

Family Medicine & Wellness Center located in Denver, CO

APEX Family Medicine proudly serves Denver, Colorado, with primary care services for families of all backgrounds. Dr. Mia Scott and her team ensure that you are getting the care and attention your body needs to be happy and healthy. For quick checkups to more specialized visits, APEX Family Medicine can help. To learn more, call today or schedule an appointment online.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care with a specialized physician at APEX Family Medicine ensures your health and well-being.

While you might think that checkups are only for children, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Annual checkups are important at any age. During routine checkups, your primary doctor can identify any health risk factors and problems before they become a threat.

Things you can expect from your checkup at APEX Family Medicine include:

  • Urine and blood tests
  • Blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol checks
  • Overall diet and exercise checks
  • Immunization and vaccine shots
  • Pap smears and breast exams
  • Mole checks and/or removal
  • Eye exams
  • Mental health evaluations

These quick and easy exams are designed to check your body’s most important vitals to for a long and healthy life.

When can I receive primary care?

Primary care is open to any and all patients in the Denver area. Checkups are typically done on an annual basis to check for any serious developments of changes in your health over the previous year.

If you are experiencing any type of health complications in between your yearly checkup, do not hesitate to make an appointment. Checkups can be performed at any time so your health is always in good condition.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

When you arrive at your first appointment, the friendly front desk staff at APEX Family Medicine will ask for some information. A few things that you can come prepared with are:

  • Driver’s license or photo identification card
  • Current insurance information
  • Co-payment, if required by your insurance
  • Past medical records that you might have from past treatments or surgeries
  • Pharmacy insurance drug card (Medicare patients only)

This information will help the team get you started as a patient at APEX Family Medicine. After your first visit, your information will be safely stored in a medical file. This file will be added to with each and every visit, ensuring the doctors at APEX Family Medicine understand your entire health history.

If you are looking for a primary care doctor in Denver, Dr. Mia Scott and her team at APEX Family Medicine can help. To learn more, call today or schedule an appointment online.